Our valve range comprises the following groups: hand-operated shut-off and metering valves, pneumatically operated shut-off valves and check valves / swing check valves (including pilot-operated). We also manufac-ture special valves.

High pressure manual stop valve, NW 10, 3000bar

Hand-operated shut-off and metering valves

Our shut-off valves are generally designed as needle-and-seat valves. The valve seat is usually made from a high-alloyed stainless steel. The valve needle or the sealing geometry of the needle is made from ceramic, hard metal or stainless steel according to the given flow, temperatures, media condition etc. All valves can optionally be offered with metering characteristics.

Pneumatic shut-off valves

Our pneumatically operated shut-off valves can be supplied with NPS 5 for 4200 bar and NPS 8 for 2500 bar. Our valves feature pneumatically driven piston actuation. Very robust, they can often reach a service life of several million loading cycles in rugged industrial use. The valves can be supplied with double-acting actua-tion, normally closed spring return or normally open spring return. Wear parts such as needles, sealing seats and seals are continuously in stock.

Check valves

Check valves automatically block the media flow in one direction, but allow a certain amount of unimpeded flow in the other direction (based on the magnitude of the opening pressure). At very high pressures the closing elements must be extremely reliable. Our refined constructions and the material selection for the components guarantee a maximum service life.

Special-purpose valves

Depending on customer requirements, we can also manufacture valves with special characteristics. Over the last few years we have developed numerous special-purpose valves based on specific customer require-ments. Send us your request and we'll be sure to find the right valve for your application.

  • Special materials such as nickel-based alloys, titanium etc.
  • Elevated media and ambient temperatures
  • With heating or cooling
  • Oxygen service
  • State detection
  • Non-standard nominal sizes
  • Electromagnetic actuation
  • Pneumatic actuation
  • Hydraulic actuation