Pressure Intensifier, hydraulic driven

A pressure intensifier (also known as a 'booster') is a free-piston machine with a drive piston mechanically linked to a working piston. Both pistons have the same forces and stroke lengths. The pressure is usually boosted from a low drive pressure to a higher working pressure. Hence, the pressure increase is inversely proportional to the ratio of piston areas. However, the working volume decreases in relation to the drive vol-ume according to the ratio.

Our standard pressure intensifiers are designed to be driven by hydraulic components with operating pres-sures of 200 bar to 350 bar. However, our pressure intensifiers can be driven with nearly any pressure and medium. Further information can be provided upon request.

For applications in which the secondary-side medium requires a lower pressure and a higher stroke volume in relation to the primary-side medium, we can supply pressure 'reducers' as special versions.

Another special version of the pressure intensifier is a media separator. Media separators usually have a ratio of 1:1. They are used when different process media or process conditions (e.g. higher or lower tempera-tures) are required on the secondary side than on the primary side.

Our pressure intensifiers feature unique constructions for fast, low-cost maintenance. The service life is ex-ceptionally long thanks to our uncompromising use of high-grade materials and manufacturing technologies. Dustec pressure intensifiers have specially constructed seals for minimal stick-slip and outstanding reproduc-ibility in achieving of target pressures.

Delivery Program
  • Position measuring system (external or internal), various electrical connections available (e.g. 0-10V, 4-20mA, SSI, Profibus..)
  • limit switches
  • Equiped with multi-jackbolt tensioners
  • Equiped with high pressure manifolds, filling valve, stop valve, pressure-gauge etc.
  • medium touched components - stainless steel
  • High pressure components autofrettaged
  • High pressure cylinder multi-layer shrinked
  • Delivery of complete power packs with hydraulic system, valves, gauges, PLC…
  • miscellaneous low pressure connections (hydraulic) available on request
  • miscellaneous high pressure connections available on request