Motor driven Spindle Pumps

Dustec motor-driven spindle pumps are power units in which a high-pressure medium is forced out of a pump chamber by a plunger. The axial up-and-down motion is generated via a threaded drive and a gear motor. A wide range of different gear types, drive motors and spindle drives are used. Depending on the configuration, volume flows ranging from a few nanolitres to several litres per minute can be conveyed with an extremely precise reproducibility. These pumps are especially suitable for metering microlitre volumes at high pressures or, for example, compensating for pressure fluctuations with an accuracy of better than 0.1%. Calibration of measuring units and precise determination of burst pressures are two prime examples of applications for our spindle pumps.

Dustec spindle pumps can be supplied with pressures of up to 15,000 bar.

Complete pump units with integrated pressure and flow regulators are optionally available. Multi-pump assemblies with two or more pumps can be offered for applications requiring guaranteed continuous conveyance.

Delivery Program
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