• Hydroforming
  • Components and systems for fuel injection
  • Autofrettage
Pressure Vessel Production
  • Test rigs for pressure vessels
  • Pressure vessels
Powder Metallurgy, Ceramic Industry
  • Isostatic presses
Oil-, Gas and Chemical Industry
  • High pressure pumps
  • Dosing pumps
  • Pressure vessels, reactors
  • Valves, fittings, tubings
Medical Technology
  • Pressure test systems, burst test systems
Food Processing Industry
  • Components and Systems for High Pressure Food Pasteurization (HPP)
  • Components for extraction systems
  • Test cells, triaxial cells, pressure vessels
  • Servo motor driven pumps, high precision pressure generators
  • servo-hydraulic pressure generators
Material Testing, Component Testing
  • Pressure test systems, burst test systems, leak test systems, tightness test systems
  • Impulse test systems, load change test systems
  • Resistance test systems up to 500°C and 6.000 bar
  • Hose test rigs
Research and Development
  • Pressure vessels, autoclaves, optical cells
  • High pressure systems
  • Deep sea research
Special Engineering
  • Supercritical Media (H2O; CO2)